A resolution was passed at our 2018 Annual General Meeting in May to change our party’s name from the Micro Business Party (MBP) to the Small Business Party (SBP). This decision was made in order to remove any potential voter confusion or misunderstanding between the terms “small” business and “micro” business.

Our application was duly submitted to the Western Australian Electoral Commission and finally approved in October.

It has become abundantly clear that the major political parties are too self-absorbed, and too beholden to sectional interests, to adequately represent the values and aspirations of middle Australia.

People are fed-up with the weekly scandals and controversies constantly disrupting the effective governance of our nation. They are fed-up with the political game-playing (Canberra’s version of “musical chairs”) which has led to no fewer than seven Prime Ministers in the past decade.

The Australian electorate is ready for an effective and viable alternative.

The Small Business Party is that alternative. Whereas we will focus the political process on matters that concern everyday Australians we will continue to fight for a fair deal for the hardworking and resourceful small business owners and operators who provide the backbone of our Australian economy.

The Small Business Party seeks to represent all fair-minded Australians who subscribe to our common value of giving a fair go to all.

John Golawski



Our country is being run by banks, lobbyists, political donors and multinationals. The toxic atmosphere surrounding an outdated Australian political system cries out for a political party which can keep the career politicians accountable for their action. Small business has had enough and together with all Australians, we are prepared to fight for justice.