2020 has been a rocky ride for small business all over the world.
We, in Western Australia, have to adapt to this new environment. We have decided to escalate our efforts to get someone elected to the Western Australian Parliament in order to get PROPER representation for small business.
The Executive Committee has decided to merge the Small Business Party with the WA Republicans/WAxit.
We have decided to form a movement called WAxit, the objective of WAxit being to create an independent autonomous state.
We believe that money created in WA should benefit Western Australians and not flow out of the state or to disappear into international tax havens.

The people involved with the WA Republicans/WAxit are successful well-known local, small businessmen and we (the Small Business Party) are a party that focuses on small business. The fit is a natural one.
Western Australians have always had a strong independent streak and we believe that this attitude will be reflected at the polling booths in March 2021 when the public is given the opportunity to vote for WAxit.

Please go to for more information.

John Golawski, President


Our country is being run by banks, lobbyists, political donors and multinationals. The toxic atmosphere surrounding an outdated Australian political system cries out for a political party which can keep the career politicians accountable for their action. Small business has had enough and together with all Australians, we are prepared to fight for justice.