About SBP

   Small Business Party has been formed by, predominately, a group of small  business people who feel that they have been disadvantaged by the policies of both Labor and Liberal governments.

When Robert Menzies formed the Liberal party he stated that the party was formed to represent the forgotten people, those not represented by unions and big business. This phrase is now applicable to SBP.

We believe that Labor is controlled by and has, foremost, the interests of the union movement at heart. The Liberal party on the other hand is closely involved with, what is often referred to as, the “big end of town”.

It is acknowledged by both the Labor and Liberal parties that small businesses are the main drivers of the economy; however, increasingly small and micro businesses feel that they do not have a voice.

Small businesses are remarkably diverse and cover such enterprises as hairdressers, bottle shop owners, accountants, family run farms, coffee shop owners, local producers, franchisees… in fact the list is virtually endless.

We believe that small businesses are not represented by anyone at the moment. Therefore, it is imperative that we get representatives into parliament; people who would be able to give voice to those who are hurting and are not listen to, and yet they are the backbone of the Australian economy.