GST distribution is MBP’s next fight

A fair and equitable distribution of GST income has been a cornerstone of MBP policy from the very beginning.  However, in recognition of the fact that this battle is best fought in Canberra, the MBP Executive Committee has resolved to also register the party nationally.  This will position the party to contest the next Federal Election.

Earlier this year, the Commonwealth Grants commission (CGC) recommended an increase of Western Australia’s GST share from 30c to 34c in the dollar.  This is nowhere near enough and is patently unfair given our seriously depressed economic environment.  Compare this paltry sum to the 88c/$1 paid out to the boom state of NSW, and to the very generous handouts given to Tasmania ($1.80/$1) and the Northern Territory ($4.66/$1).

And what are WA’s 28 members of the Federal Parliament (16 in the House of Representatives and 12 in the Senate) doing to redress this injustice?  Nowhere near enough apparently!

The Micro Business Party has decided that it is time to draw a line in the sand.  We say that a dollar earned for a dollar collected is the only fair outcome for Western Australia and we intend to fight this issue in the Federal Parliament.  Support for the MBP is not only support for medium, small, and micro business but for all Western Australians!