The Micro Business Party (MBP) Executive Committee reaffirms it’s independent policy position unaligned with any of the major political parties in WA.

We champion the fair and equitable treatment of ordinary people, particularly those operating medium, small, and micro businesses.

We are very grateful for the support given by members of the Perth taxi industry in promoting the newly-formed MBP during the recent WA State elections.

We are committed to assisting the TOLD group’s continuing fight for justice and equity for all taxi owners and operators whose livelihood and rights have been so callously ignored and trampled on by the former WA government.

We are aware that there are moves underway to re-form the Taxi Council to provide all taxi owners and operators with a collective voice in the emerging on-demand environment.

We are therefore offering the MBP website as an interim platform to convey information and updates to taxi owners and operators until the new taxi industry body is fully operational and able to communicate directly with its members.