SBP Election Summary

The Micro Business Party ran candidates in 46 Legislative Assembly and 6 Legislative Council regions in the March 11th 2017 Western Australian election. This was the fourth largest number of candidates fielded by a political party after Liberal, Labor and The Greens.

Despite the very tight timeline the Micro Business Party attracted 13,211 primary votes in the Legislative Assembly and 7,484 votes in the Legislative Council. This result ranked us 8th out of the 16 registered parties and put us very much on the political map in Western Australia.

By having such a large number of candidates and by having feet on the ground at polling booths on election day we gained a great deal of insight into how the public was thinking. It was relatively easy to come to the conclusion that a serious need for a political party representing the interests of small, medium and micro businesses is indispensable. Small business voters’ feedback was quite uniform; that the major parties only pretend to listen to them.

Voters congratulated us on what we had achieved in such a small amount of time (45 days) and encouraged us to contest elections in the future.

We are by far the biggest party ever instigated in WA and opportunity to build on of what we created cannot be lost.

We are a truly Western Australian party that understands the aspirations of Western Australian small businesses and the Western Australian public.


John Golawski MBP President