WA Policies

Small Business Policies

  1. Give priority to Western Australian businesses and manufacturers when issuing government contracts.
  2. Support local subcontractors in their dealings with large corporations, as well as State and Federal governments, with special reinforcement of on-time payment law.
  3. Create environment encouraging employers to take on new apprentices in/for the most in demand trades in order to eliminate the need of sourcing overseas workers.
  4. Increase the payroll tax threshold for small business to two million dollars per year.
  5. Protect local businesses against unconscionable conduct by landlords and developers.
  6. Ensure that any businesses adversely affected by changes in licensing arrangements be fully compensated for any losses suffered.
  7. Remove stamp duties on the purchase of small businesses valued below one million dollars.
  8. Demand that the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) implement appropriate tax audits for multinational companies operating in Australia.

General Policies

  1. Increase protection for whistle-blowers and restore the basic human right of freedom of speech.
  2. Promote home ownership by introducing the ‘first home preparatory scheme’ which will enable individuals to use their superannuation contributions to pay off housing loans.
  3. Support farmers promoting non-GMO production, and require all food products that contain any GMO material to be clearly labeled.
  4. Eliminate the requirement of Senior Citizens to pay Stamp Duty when downsizing their residential properties.
  5. Oppose any expansion of poker machines in Western Australia’s entertainment and sporting venues.
  6. Oppose the introduction of toll roads in Western Australia.
  7. Oppose privatization of the state owned assets.